International Forum for Scleral Lens Research: Session Recordings available now

Check out the recording of the first virtual session of the 2021 IFSLR. Drs. Dan Samaha, Jenny Fogt, and Gloria Chiu share their research and clinical experiences around scleral lenses and IOP. Joined by the invited panel members Drs. Langis Michaud and Jason Nichols, and moderated by Dr. Maria Walker. Session 2 was “Scleral Lenses […]

Catch up on Scleral Lens Research Updates 2020

Missed the recent webinar on scleral lens research? Watch the archived webinar here.

Watch “Fenestrated Scleral Lenses” with Don Ezekiel and Daddi Fadel

If you missed out on the live webinar on 9/22/2020, watch the archived version of this informative webinar here! Don’t miss out on the Q&A at the end! Suitable for novice and advanced scleral lens fitters.

Watch the Webinar on “How to Fit Sclerals”

Did you miss the SLS webinar on 7/13/20?? Don’t worry, here is the recorded version! Listen to Drs. Greg DeNeayer and Dan Fuller as they discuss “How to Fit Sclerals” in this basic and extremely informative webinar by scleral lens experts!! Visit our Living Library page to view our other archived webinars.

NEW Resources for Scleral Lens Patients

The SLS has teamed up with The Dry Eye Shop to offer a new form for patient instructions. This 2-page PDF form can be printed and given to patients to quickly recommend the currently available products and solutions for scleral lenses. Visit our clinical resources page to download this form and other forms including initial […]

Student Webinar Series begins as a huge success!

The first webinar of the new SLS Student Webinar series started off with great success on Monday night. Drs. Stephanie Woo, Greg DeNaeyer and Caitlin Morrison engaged in candid and informative discussions about opening a private practice in the U.S. These three dynamic speakers come from diverse backgrounds of medical-based private practice to solo start-up [...]

Watch the SLS Telemedicine with Scleral Lenses Webinar

Watch the SLS webinar on Telemedicine, scleral lenses, and the application to COVID-19 management. Drs. Clarke Newman, John Gelles, and Marcus Noyes discuss the use of telemedicine in a scleral lens practice. They review proper technique for telehealth imaging and have an in-depth discussion about billing and coding during the COVID-19 pandemic and where we [...]

CDC now advising public to use facial covering during COVID-19 outbreak

As of April 4, the CDC is recommending all people wear a face covering when out in public, such as at grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies. Face coverings can be made of cloth, scarves, or other wardrobe items.  This serves as a reminder that the transmission of these viruses is through our faces, through […]

COVID-19 Reminders for Scleral Lens In-Office Disinfection

Patient Recommendations for COVID-19