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Lens Handling FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find lens solutions, cleaning, handling questions, lens wear questions, lens removal questions and more.

Patient Videos

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I have keratoconcus as well as meglacornea and since the age of 32 have had 11 surgeries on my eyes including transplants. The result was vision of around 20/200 until Dr Jeffery Sonsino patiently fitted me with scleral lenses. I am now around 20/40, not great but very adequate compared to what I was. This has been a life changing experience for me in vision improvement and comfort and I am so very thankful that I can once again live a near normal life.

– James Kisner

Covid-19 Information

Here, we provid COVID-19 information for doctors and patients.

Corneal Cross-Linking Information

Corneal Cross-linking (CXL) was approved for the treatment of keratoconus in 2016. Many of you wearing scleral lenses have keratoconus, and CXL is the sole treatment for progression. Glaukos is the sole provider of FDA-approved corneal cross-linking in the United States. To find a corneal cross-linking specialist through Glaukos, click here